Made it!

Hi friends and family! We’re finishing up our first full day in Bali. It was a little less hot today than it was yesterday. When I got off the plane yesterday I was hit with a humid heat wave that made walking around with our gigantic back packs a little unpleasant. My Jet lag was really bad especially considering that I only got about 5 hours of sleep on the plane because Matt kept kicking me in his sleep. ha ha. but today was great! We went to a small beach where Matt could surf and had Indonesian jaffles (kind of like a pannini). Then we came back to Kuta and had lunch and played card games with the locals. We had fun swimming and body surfing around Kuta beach and watching the sunset. Kuta is really crazy. There are motorcycles and cars and people zipping around everywhere! Where ever you go people are trying to sell you fake designer purses, necklaces, manicures, hair braiding, sunglasses etc… I’m excited to go to a more rural part of the island where it’s a little quieter, but it’s really fun here too. Don’t worry everyone, I’m wearing 70 spf sunscreen on my ridiculously white skin. Only my nose got burned which looks kind of funny compared to the whiteness of everything else. Matt actually got pretty sunburned today, but I’m sure it will turn to tan in a couple days. Matt got wacked really hard by the fan in the room when he was putting up the mosquito net and got a couple good cuts on his hand. But now he’s convinced that he’s going to get tetanus because of the rust on the fan. lol! We’re both really excited to move on with our trip and explore a different town tomorrow. Matt and I are going to take turns writing new blog entries.  Pictures soon!


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6 Responses to Made it!

  1. Jon says:

    Glad you are doing well and already having a good time. Is it easy to get internet connections anywhere in Bali or only in the towns? I’m looking forward to lots of pictures. Have Matthew take a picture of your red nose for posterity (do you look like Rudolf the reindeer???) Keep Matt away from those fans. Its becoming a family tradition among the male members of our family to cut ourselves on a weird variety of objects when traveling.

  2. Mama says:

    Can’t wait to hear about all your adventures! Hope you’re taking lots of pictures. We miss you but are looking forward to traveling vicariously through Bali on your blog. Have fun and be safe. xxooMama

  3. John Power says:

    Get all the accidents (minor) out of the way early! The fan incident is a good learning experience, more fans to come.

    You’ll rely less and less on spf as you acclimate. I’ve been there. but mosquito repellant is another story. Kuta’s great fun, and definitely part of the allure of the island, but can’t wait until you break free and mingle with the locals up-island who are less interested in selling you stuff (though massages from red-toothed betelnut ladies always available) than sharing their island and learning about yours. I spent time 15 years ago in Ubub, Sayan, and the east coast, up to Amed in 1994. Maybe some hasn’t changed. Ride the bemos, it’ll give you another perspective, chickens and all. I rode hanging off the outside–great views, but not necessarily safe. In Ubud, go to the lotus pond restaurant (that might not be the name, but people will know what I’m talking about).

    I’ll keep watching your blog. Thanks and be well!


    • mattandsasha says:

      Hi John,

      Sorry it took so long to get back to your comment, but I just figured out how! I was so happy to see that you have been checking out the blog and I hope that everything is going great back at TVC. Ubud was amazing and we will surely be heading to Amed soon. Everything here is amazing and once again I feel so blessed to be in paradise. I on the one hand have developed a great tan with my need for sunscreen almost gone, Sasha on the other may need sun screen the whole trip 🙂 We are staying safe and I cant wait to share all the stories with everyone upon our return.

      Thanks John,

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