Pictures of our first few days…next post coming soon!

Waiting at the airport to leave for Taipei

More beautiful architecture welcoming you to Bali!

Room with a view!

Matt walking to check the surf off the Bingin cliffs

Sasha kicking it hard at Niki and Lucy's

Lucy's daughter Aris stealing the show as always

If you put Aris down, she starts crying, so I just dont put her down

Where to go in Paradise?


The creme de la creme of pancakes

Pretty much my favorite place on the Island

Daily offerings seen everywhere on the island and perfromed numerous times a day.

Thats what we are

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5 Responses to Pictures of our first few days…next post coming soon!

  1. Yana says:

    You guys!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!! awesome pictures! sooo jealous! Matt the tan looks great! Sasha… you are still white! get at it! i want u at least one more shade darker! Miss ya both! let me know if u guys need to be picked up from the airport! ❤ Keep 'em coming!

  2. mike says:

    Aris is getting so big! Long hair too! Im jealous of you guys…I would kill for fresh reef rash

    • mattandsasha says:


      So first, sorry it took so long to respond to your comment. But, I figured out how and now I am. Second, Aris is huge now, but it only adds to the amount of havok she can reek on anything that you might be doing. Her and Sasha have become fast friends and she is even more out of control now that she was before. Lucy and Niki are doing great and totally love Sasha. What was it they kept saying to me…”She very chantik, so beautiful. You lucky man. You must be ugly, but interesting.” AHAHAHAHA. Shit was great. The surf was pumping the first week I was out here and got some sick waves then it backed off and we have been in Ubud since. Just got to Sanur and were about to go to Lembongan for this swell, but Sasha got sick. Everything is grand in Bali and the only thing missing is you and Vinny.

      Thanks for checking in bud,

  3. cupcake says:

    OMG looks so amazing so far, Totally jealous…Can’t wait to see more. be safe. love you

    • mattandsasha says:

      I love you Cupies and cant wait to see you when we get back. Have you met Sasha yet. If not we are bringing back hell of Bali coffee and having a tea party.

      Miss you.

      Ps: that is if we ever come back. I already feel like I cant leave!

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