Hoooooollllllllleeeeer from Bingin!

What is up my favorite people, family, friends and the like:

First things first. I packed way to much. I actually think that Sasha did a better job than me in consolidating everything. So when we get back everyone give her a hi-five and make fun of me for packing like a 13-year old girl 🙂

So when your in paradise it is pretty hard to capture all of the wonderful things that you experience everyday, but I’m going to go ahead and give it a shot anyhow. After staying a couple of days in Kuta and checking out a beach called Changu, we decided to hi-tail it out of the craziness there and get to the beautiful Bukit to get set up here for about a week or so. We could not be more happy to be out of there and here now.

Kadek (my ‘friendship’ as he calls it and the same driver i met last time I was here)  came and swooped us up and took us out to Bingin on the cheap. We looked around at a few places all nice, but expensive (expensive being $10 a night). Then we happened upon Secret Garden. Secret Garden is the place you can see in the pictures up on our last post. It is this amazing placed with rooms and bungalows that sit atop the Bingin cliffs. The beach is literally a 5 minute walk down treacherous stairs with a beautiful view. We were lucky enough to get a top floor open air room, overlooking luscious green palms and the ocean over the cliffs. Out in the courtyard there are some kick it areas with hammocks, beds and a TV to watch pirated DVD’s under thatched roofs. Truly it is nicer than almost anywhere i stayed last trip and all for $7 bucks a night!

Since we arrived we have been living the kicked back life on the beaches of the Bukit and hanging out with travelers from all over the world (Australia, New Zealand, France, Portugal, just to name a few). I have had a few mediocre surf sessions at breaks called impossibles and Bingin, but finally had a super fun session at Uluwatu yesterday. Unfortunately it ended in some reef rash, but we got it cleaned out and hopefully it will heal up before we get back! (Injury count =2, someone should start a pool on the number when I get back)

Sasha has been loving it here and has made fast friends with Lucy’s daughter, Aris (also seen in the pictures below). Niki and Lucy are two women who run a Warung right on the beach at Bingin and the place that I stayed the majority of my time last trip.  We have been eating fantastic food (Mie Goreng, Gado-Gado) and learning more and more Bahasa Indonesia (the local language) everyday.

Side notes worth mention… Sasha kicked my ass at scrabble today and I got a tetnaus shot just to be safe after the slice on my fingers.  Everyone rest assured we are being safe and having an absolutely fantastic time out here.

We love and miss you all,


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2 Responses to Hoooooollllllllleeeeer from Bingin!

  1. Kristen K. says:

    So glad to hear you’re off on another adventure!! Looks effing gorgeous! Thanks for sending the blog link, I’ll be checking in and I’ll most certainly be jealous each time. 🙂

    Catch ya when you’re back in Cali for sure. Miss you man!

    (Sasha– good work on the packing and scrabble win!)

    xo’s to you both,

    • mattandsasha says:

      Thanks Kristen!

      Sorry it took so long to respond to your comment, but I just figured out how to! We are noobies to this whole blogsphere as much fun as it is. When we get back should totally hang out and catch up. By the way. Sasha has owned me at scrabble this entire trip. I have not won one game. My ego is suffering. I need a come back soon.

      Thanks for checking in and I hope all is well back home!

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