Rain and Motorbike break ins

Howdy peeps!

To begin, two pieces of Bali travel advice that you should remember if you ever decide to travel here. Things I unfortunately did not learn in my time last spent here.

  1. Break ins have become common at Balangan beach due to a lack of business there
  2. Automatic Motorbike seats are just about as hard to break into as opening a can of soda

Had i known either before surfing at Balangan yesterday we would have avoided one serious pain in the ass. Before surfing I quickly threw my pack of cigarettes (where i was keeping my money and Sasha’s ATM card) in the seat along with my sandals and headed to the surf. Upon returning and opening the motorbike seat, it was all gone.  We were able to cancel Sashas card after an unbelievably expensive international phone call so everything is all good, except that now I have no sandals. That kind of sucks.

Aside from that and a flat tire the other days things have been going fantastically.  The weather has been crazy with the rainy season sticking around a bit longer than usual. Every night and morning there are huge downpours with thunder and lightening, which quickly break around 12:00 pm to patchy clouds and sunny skies.  The rain here is unlike anything back home. You can hear the thunder of thousands of thick, large rain drops coming as the rain approaches. Then within seconds you are engulfed in the most intense storm, only to have it stop moments later. Then the sun forces its way through the clouds and illuminates all the wet plants and flowers. It is absolutely gorgeous.

The last thing is that the past few days I have been thinking about Melissa a lot and I miss the shit out of her. I took some Miss Hope T-Shirts and stickers to Niki and Lucy the other day and they are repping it hard in the Warung.  Its crazy there are all of these places and circumstances where I can feel her here. I threw one of the stickers on the nose of my board and every time I need a wave I rub the sticker and boom, Liss hooks it up. When I visit places we both have been or catch views that I know she saw, it makes me so happy and sad all at once.  But no matter what obstacles or amazing experiences are put in our path whenever I think of  Melissa I am filled with hope and gratitude.

I think we are going to get out of the Bukit here soon and maybe head over to Lembongan for some serious chill living. After that who know. But we will keep you posted as we make moves.

Miss and love you all!


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3 Responses to Rain and Motorbike break ins

  1. Laura says:

    I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog and multiple photographs. Forget finding me something on the beach; bring home those monkeys instead! (unless Sasha threatens to leave you) The rainstorms sound amazing and beautiful. I’m sorry about the break-in, and even more sorry to learn about your friend, Melissa. I had no idea. What is her connection to Bali, or are you just thinking about her?

    Your trip sounds mostly wonderful and i hope it continues to be so.
    Love you,

    • mattandsasha says:

      I think im going to have to stick with the beach trinkets. I would bring a monkey back in my bag, but I am pretty sure that would be the end of me and Sasha. Her monkey terrors are serious business. hahaha. My friend Melissa was a good friend from back home who took a trip to Bali. Before leaving we talked a lot about the places I had been and to an extent I helped her plan some parts of her trip. Shortly after she returned she passed away. So everywhere that we travel that I know she visited and that we have both been I can feel her with us and miss her deeply.

      I love you.

  2. adam says:

    ‘Automatic Motorbike seats are just about as hard to break into as opening a can of soda,’ ha, so true…

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