Happy days in Ubud

Hello! We left Sanur yesterday and are now staying in the beautiful artist town Ubud.  We are definitely becoming a little more spoiled because now we have a room with air conditioning, hot water,  and a pool just a few steps outside.We went on a crazy search for a voltage converter for all our electronics because I accidentally blew out the one we bought at home.  However, after looking all over Kuta and Sanur we were not able to find one and now we can’t charge our Ipods or our phones 😦

I absolutely love Ubud.  It’s a lot different from the beach towns we’ve been staying in.  I would compare it to the Balinese Sausalito or Marin.  It’s a lot classier than most of Bali with art galleries everywhere you look and cozy little cafes.  It’s considered the culture center of the island and it’s a big source of pride for the locals.  Last night we went to see the tradtional balinese barong music and fire dance (pictures will be posted soon!).  We also got acupressure massages which they have about every 10 feet here.  We found a really great restaurant/cafe that has live music every night.  I got seared yellow fin tuna and coucous with raisins and avocado for $4.50 and the band played beatles and creedance clearwater covers, it was amazing.

Matt side note- We are living the lap of luxury here in Ubud. I feel like king of the castle. It is such a pleasant change in senery and the town of Ubud is really laid back and lazy. We spent all day yesterday just walking around and enjoying the sights. Today I am super excited because there is a big local soccer tournament going on right near our hotel for the next month with games everyday! I cant wait to choose a side and get crazy with the locals watching the game. Later we are going to hop on a motorbike and start charging around aimlessly and see what we can find around Ubud to see. We are actually thinking about volunteering for an animal rescue center while we are here as well. There are so many stray dogs and cats everywhere and this center is one of the only places on the island that works to help get them vaccinated, spayed/nuetered and adopted. I was a little skeptical before coming up here since there is no surf, but all of my expectations have been far exceeded as Sasha and I finally get to just have fun time together in one of the most romantic places we have been in Bali. Life is such a blessing out here. There have been a series of great and stange coincidences our here and actually met some really great people who are from the Bay Area and know my good buddy  Bill W.  as well.

There is so much more to say and tell, but for now rest assured that we are living the dream!

– Matt and Sasha

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