Ubud Adventures

A beautiful day in Sanur, on our way to Ubud.

In front of one of the temples somewhere outside of Ubud.

Checking out the inside of the temple.

It just gets better and better

More Amazing Bali Architecture

This might have been Sasha's favorite architecture yet

All flowered up and ready for the Barong dance

Tari Pendet Dance - Dancers give ritual offerings for a temple ceremony, scattering them like rain

Tari Pendet dancer

Barris Tunggal (Warrior Dance) - One of the oldest ceremonial dances in Bali where the dancer displays their skills with different weapons. Considered the most important male Balinese dance and all boys studying dance must learn it. Makusara Murti (The Power of the Provacateur) - A dance which is meant to reflect the situation of the world today

Makusara Murti - The end of a battle between the two sides

The Jalak Putih (Dance of Bali White Starrling Birds) - The story of a group of Bali White Stearlings. A dance to remind the people of Bali to protect this beautiful and increasingly rare species.

Tari Oleg Tambulilingan (A Graceful Love Dance) - A girl flower, dancing gracefully attracts a boy bumblebee. The flower and bee seduce and tease one another in a playful way.

Tari Barong (Barong Dance) - This dance is a study of the powerful and benevolent Barong creature.

The Barong creature is danced by two people in a costume and is ususally accompanied by a pestering monkey.

The cast of dancers

One side note about the dance is that the music which accompanies it is called Legong, which is performed by a about 24 individuals playing transitional Balinese Xylophones. The whole performance is quite an incredible sight and seeing how it all comes together is truly spectacular. Anyone visiting cannot miss the Barong and Legong dances.

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2 Responses to Ubud Adventures

  1. Paul says:

    Hi Matt- I’m so happy you and Sasha are doing so well and enjoying life- You remind me of your Dad ( My best friend from childhood) when he was your age – Love to you both- Paul

    • mattandsasha says:

      Thank you so much Paul… We love you too and are so happy to hear that you have been checking out our adventures! I hope all is well with you and that upon our return it wont be too long until we can see each other again!

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