The Spectacular Unknown

I have been waiting the past few days to really go to work on this blog thing and the time has come. The past three days have been an absolute whirlwind of amazing experiences and adventures. So much has transpired and we have been blessed with so many unique experiences that it would be impossible to do them all justice in the words that I write. So to aid me in my description I am going to post picture with some captions and write a bit after each series with anything that they cannot convey through their sheer beauty. So here we go….

Raaaaaaaaaaaar says the lion....

Showing love to the man in white

Cool ass old local who let us into a temple with no other tourists when we were wandering around!

You cant throw a stone without seeing an amazing temple in Bali

A few days ago we rented a motorbike in Ubud and decided that instead of taking the normal tourist route of hiring a driver to take us around that we would just start roaming and see what we stumble across. This roaming has proven to be one of the best decisions of the trip and we have come across so many incredible views, places and experiences that we otherwise would have missed out on. The first of these was being ushered into a closed temple by the man in white above (whose name i cannot pronounce let alone remember) We saw the tall pillars of the temple, pulled of the road and started wandering around. He saw us gazing through the gates and was kind enough to let us in and show us around. Without any other tourists or people in the temple is was a real treat.

Sick local football match! The team in red is Ubud's local team who is the best in their divison. Killing it!

After taking an initial drive and coming across the temple we decided to go back into Ubud to watch the first local soccer match of the season between Ubud and a neighboring town. During the month of June there is a huge tournament with games going on everyday through the 25th. It was such a blast sitting with the locals, learning more about the league and watching Ubud dominate the competition. Seriously these players were so good at soccer it totally blew my mind. It was so much fun the by the time is was the half, it felt like we had been there for five minutes.

How big can a motorbike helmet be? This big! Matt chillin for a second as we drive the backroads of Ubud aimlessly!

All we need is a road, a motorbike and a prayer

Terraced rice fields with Mount Kintamani in the distance

More incredible views that we were blessed with when wandering about without a destination

Geese crossing a cobblestone road far off the beaten path

She works hard for that money!

The water was calm as can be and we were without a care in the world

Beauitful sunset over rice paddies in the hills of Ubud

Sun setting through purple leaves... Thanks Miss Hope!

Happiness over water

The best Gold I ever saw...

After the soccer game we decided to just keep on driving the roads around Ubud. We started out by taking a left on JL. Raya Ubud, the main road through the town and just started trucking. After driving through Ubud and over the most amazing bridge which crossed a roaring jungle river we haphazardly turned off the main road and started exploring. For the next 30 minutes we twisted and turned through narrow mountain roads lined with incredibly dense jungle and vines drooping overhead. After dipping down which steep valleys which suddenly shot upwards to the mountains we emerged from the jungle to at the top of a hill to the most amazing series of terraced rice paddies overlooking Mount Kintamani.

At the summit of the hill we had a decision to make. There was a sign reading “Sunset Hill” to our right where the road turned from asphalt to loose gravel and cobblestone, while the road we had been traveling on took us to our left. Seeing as the sun was getting lower in the sky we decided that “Sunset Hill” was calling us and much to our delight it certainly was. After traveling down this road for about three minutes we quickly realized the we had stumbled upon something spectacular. The road was nestled on the top of the hill between a steep jungle ravine to our right, thick with palm trees, vines and ferns, while to our left was slow downward slope of the terraced rice fields. Without another tourist in sight we pull off the road and watched the most spectacular golden sunset over the calm waters of the rice fields. With herrings and geese bathing in the water and the warm sun receding behind the palms there was nothing in the world, but this amazing moment and each other.

This is only where the story of the past few days begins, but rest assured this is not where it ends. We are hungry and tired from all of our adventuring so I will wrap it up for now by saying we miss you all and I promise to add more tomorrow!

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5 Responses to The Spectacular Unknown

  1. Dad says:

    You are traveling in the I love to travel best.
    Exploring without fear and open to the adventures and magic that comes with that attitude.

    • mattandsasha says:

      I learned from the best…you! It so true the exploring with an open mind and no expectations truly does bring experiences that you otherwise could never have imagined. I cant wait to tell you guys about more!

  2. Laura says:

    It sounds almost supernatural and beyond perfect. But please make the photos expand bigger when you click on them. I get an error message when I try. I want to really see what’s in there.
    Thanks for sharing the magic with us all.

  3. Laura says:

    The photos expand just fine now; it must have been the website’s temp problem.

    • mattandsasha says:

      Hi Aunt Laura!

      I miss you and am so happy whenever we get a comment from you. I just figured out how to respond to comments so now I can ever write you back. The image issue was actually some weird technical problems with how the images were getting attached. I would explain, but it would take far too long. After two hours of troubleshooting I was able to figure it out and now we can share everything with you without a problem. I love you and we will keep the updates coming!


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