Last Days at Bingin (for now)

Miss Hope back at Bingin

Niki and Lucy's Kitchen

Blessed at Bingin, Thanks Liss

Bali Sunset, there haven't been very many good sunsets because of the rain and dark clouds.

Walking into the caves to get to Padang Padang beach

Just another day at Padang Padang beach.

the rocks along the beach.

Another pretty sunset.

Surfers and sunsets everyday.

Gado Gado, My Favorite meal out here. It has steamed vegetables, egg, rice, and delicious peanut sauce.

Matt, Agus and I played Badminton.

At a restaurant in Sanur, we leave for Ubud tomorrow or the next day.

Matt showing me his fancy cucumber.

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Rain and Motorbike break ins

Howdy peeps!

To begin, two pieces of Bali travel advice that you should remember if you ever decide to travel here. Things I unfortunately did not learn in my time last spent here.

  1. Break ins have become common at Balangan beach due to a lack of business there
  2. Automatic Motorbike seats are just about as hard to break into as opening a can of soda

Had i known either before surfing at Balangan yesterday we would have avoided one serious pain in the ass. Before surfing I quickly threw my pack of cigarettes (where i was keeping my money and Sasha’s ATM card) in the seat along with my sandals and headed to the surf. Upon returning and opening the motorbike seat, it was all gone.  We were able to cancel Sashas card after an unbelievably expensive international phone call so everything is all good, except that now I have no sandals. That kind of sucks.

Aside from that and a flat tire the other days things have been going fantastically.  The weather has been crazy with the rainy season sticking around a bit longer than usual. Every night and morning there are huge downpours with thunder and lightening, which quickly break around 12:00 pm to patchy clouds and sunny skies.  The rain here is unlike anything back home. You can hear the thunder of thousands of thick, large rain drops coming as the rain approaches. Then within seconds you are engulfed in the most intense storm, only to have it stop moments later. Then the sun forces its way through the clouds and illuminates all the wet plants and flowers. It is absolutely gorgeous.

The last thing is that the past few days I have been thinking about Melissa a lot and I miss the shit out of her. I took some Miss Hope T-Shirts and stickers to Niki and Lucy the other day and they are repping it hard in the Warung.  Its crazy there are all of these places and circumstances where I can feel her here. I threw one of the stickers on the nose of my board and every time I need a wave I rub the sticker and boom, Liss hooks it up. When I visit places we both have been or catch views that I know she saw, it makes me so happy and sad all at once.  But no matter what obstacles or amazing experiences are put in our path whenever I think of  Melissa I am filled with hope and gratitude.

I think we are going to get out of the Bukit here soon and maybe head over to Lembongan for some serious chill living. After that who know. But we will keep you posted as we make moves.

Miss and love you all!


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Monkeys, motorbikes and photo shoots.

Hi everyone! So we’ve been here for about 6 days now and I feel like I’m pretty used to the heat and time change.  We’ve had a couple of interesting days.  One of the weirdest experiences I’ve had so far has been going to the monkey temple.  We drove our motorbike about 30 minutes to the Uluwatu temple.  When we got there they had us both put on satin sarongs to cover our legs while we were in the temple.  We bought a few bags of fruit to feed the monkeys with, but as soon as a monkey started running at me with those crazy looking eyes I just panicked!  I thought the monkey was going to attack me or bite me and I threw my entire 3 bags of fruit at it and started hyperventilating. I was pretty much freaking out for the next 30 minutes  until Matt forced me to feed one and then I calmed down a little bit.

(Matt side Note– It was pretty much the funniest thing that has happened on the trip so far. Sasha totally lost her shit. The second the first big monkey came sauntering her way she screamed “I dont like it!” and chucked all three bags of fruit at the monkey, ran behind me and grabbed my arm so hard I think I have a bruise. )

The weird thing wasn’t the monkeys though, it was the hoards of people wanting to take pictures with us.  We (actually I) was probably either the whitest person they had ever seen or one of the only white people they had ever seen.  About 30 people came up to us wanting to take pictures with Matt and I and then they would take turns having everyone in their group take a picture with us and then take group pictures and on and on. I couldn’t quite tell if they were admiring us or laughing at us but they were very friendly.  They were mostly people from Java (One of the larger islands in Indonesia located next to Bali) where the majority of people are Muslim and they don’t see very many foreigners.

For the most part everythings been really laid back.  We’ve made friends with a group of french surfers staying at our bungalows.  We try to go to different beaches everyday or every few days.  I got one of the best massages of my life on the beach for $8.  Sometimes the people trying to sell me sarongs and jewelry break my heart because they walk around all day in the heat carrying coolers or big bags on their heads.  Driving around on the pot hole roads here scares me so much! But Matt is being very careful. We actually got a flat tire yesterday and had to push the bike all the way back to our room, which wasnt too bad.  We’ll post more pictures soon! We miss and love you all.


(Matt side note #2 – For all my surfer buddies out there it has just been getting better and better. Yesterday I hit dawn patrol at Bingin and surfed it with a group of about 10. There was a bit to be desired with the incoming tide, but a fun session to start the day either way. Later in the day we charged over to Balangan where I had the best session of the trip so far. Solid 6-8 with some freak 10 ft sets coming through now and again. Great shape with a really solid section breaking off the point and then closing out about 100 yards down after which the inside section started reeling. So much fun…)

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Uluwatu Temple Pictures!

Monkeys playing in the water at Uluwatu beach.

Teaching the local kids how to cross stitch.

The monkey came right up onto Matts lap and was going through his pockets and trying to undo his buttons.

Being a dork in my sarong.

Matt was having a great time feeding the monkeys!

Mama and baby monkey.

I finally agreed to feed a monkey after freaking out! Look how serious my face is, lol.

Matt feeding the monkeys.

This baby monkey was so shy!

Nice view of the cliffs.

Matt kicking back at Temple Uluwatu

Steps along the side of the cliffs.

Cliffs with a temple in the distance.

In front of part of the Uluwatu temple wearing the traditional sarongs that are required to enter.

This monkey stole a sarong from some unsuspecting tourist.

A Monkey drinking water out of a plastic cup.

The motor bike we've been riding around on on the treacherous Bali roads.

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Hoooooollllllllleeeeer from Bingin!

What is up my favorite people, family, friends and the like:

First things first. I packed way to much. I actually think that Sasha did a better job than me in consolidating everything. So when we get back everyone give her a hi-five and make fun of me for packing like a 13-year old girl 🙂

So when your in paradise it is pretty hard to capture all of the wonderful things that you experience everyday, but I’m going to go ahead and give it a shot anyhow. After staying a couple of days in Kuta and checking out a beach called Changu, we decided to hi-tail it out of the craziness there and get to the beautiful Bukit to get set up here for about a week or so. We could not be more happy to be out of there and here now.

Kadek (my ‘friendship’ as he calls it and the same driver i met last time I was here)  came and swooped us up and took us out to Bingin on the cheap. We looked around at a few places all nice, but expensive (expensive being $10 a night). Then we happened upon Secret Garden. Secret Garden is the place you can see in the pictures up on our last post. It is this amazing placed with rooms and bungalows that sit atop the Bingin cliffs. The beach is literally a 5 minute walk down treacherous stairs with a beautiful view. We were lucky enough to get a top floor open air room, overlooking luscious green palms and the ocean over the cliffs. Out in the courtyard there are some kick it areas with hammocks, beds and a TV to watch pirated DVD’s under thatched roofs. Truly it is nicer than almost anywhere i stayed last trip and all for $7 bucks a night!

Since we arrived we have been living the kicked back life on the beaches of the Bukit and hanging out with travelers from all over the world (Australia, New Zealand, France, Portugal, just to name a few). I have had a few mediocre surf sessions at breaks called impossibles and Bingin, but finally had a super fun session at Uluwatu yesterday. Unfortunately it ended in some reef rash, but we got it cleaned out and hopefully it will heal up before we get back! (Injury count =2, someone should start a pool on the number when I get back)

Sasha has been loving it here and has made fast friends with Lucy’s daughter, Aris (also seen in the pictures below). Niki and Lucy are two women who run a Warung right on the beach at Bingin and the place that I stayed the majority of my time last trip.  We have been eating fantastic food (Mie Goreng, Gado-Gado) and learning more and more Bahasa Indonesia (the local language) everyday.

Side notes worth mention… Sasha kicked my ass at scrabble today and I got a tetnaus shot just to be safe after the slice on my fingers.  Everyone rest assured we are being safe and having an absolutely fantastic time out here.

We love and miss you all,


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Pictures of our first few days…next post coming soon!

Waiting at the airport to leave for Taipei

More beautiful architecture welcoming you to Bali!

Room with a view!

Matt walking to check the surf off the Bingin cliffs

Sasha kicking it hard at Niki and Lucy's

Lucy's daughter Aris stealing the show as always

If you put Aris down, she starts crying, so I just dont put her down

Where to go in Paradise?


The creme de la creme of pancakes

Pretty much my favorite place on the Island

Daily offerings seen everywhere on the island and perfromed numerous times a day.

Thats what we are

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Made it!

Hi friends and family! We’re finishing up our first full day in Bali. It was a little less hot today than it was yesterday. When I got off the plane yesterday I was hit with a humid heat wave that made walking around with our gigantic back packs a little unpleasant. My Jet lag was really bad especially considering that I only got about 5 hours of sleep on the plane because Matt kept kicking me in his sleep. ha ha. but today was great! We went to a small beach where Matt could surf and had Indonesian jaffles (kind of like a pannini). Then we came back to Kuta and had lunch and played card games with the locals. We had fun swimming and body surfing around Kuta beach and watching the sunset. Kuta is really crazy. There are motorcycles and cars and people zipping around everywhere! Where ever you go people are trying to sell you fake designer purses, necklaces, manicures, hair braiding, sunglasses etc… I’m excited to go to a more rural part of the island where it’s a little quieter, but it’s really fun here too. Don’t worry everyone, I’m wearing 70 spf sunscreen on my ridiculously white skin. Only my nose got burned which looks kind of funny compared to the whiteness of everything else. Matt actually got pretty sunburned today, but I’m sure it will turn to tan in a couple days. Matt got wacked really hard by the fan in the room when he was putting up the mosquito net and got a couple good cuts on his hand. But now he’s convinced that he’s going to get tetanus because of the rust on the fan. lol! We’re both really excited to move on with our trip and explore a different town tomorrow. Matt and I are going to take turns writing new blog entries.  Pictures soon!


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